Style Style is a scriptable text editor for the Macintosh that picks up where SimpleText leaves off, adding some powerful formatting capabilities that make it an ideal mini-word processor. Style handles formatted text, in which each character can have its own font, size, style and color, and each paragraph can have its own alignment, line spacing and margins. It also lets you embed pictures and sound within the text. Unlike SimpleText, Style documents aren't limited to 32K but only to available memory.

Style is also fully scriptable, so you can add your own commands by writing scripts (or having Style write them for you). Scripts can be used to automate basic actions (like capitalizing bold text) or to accomplish complex tasks (like turning any document into a web page).

Style is distributed as shareware (US$12). Credit card owners can register online.

Feature Overview

Style includes the following features:

Here's a screenshot of Style converting a multilingual document into HTML.

System Requirements

Style 1.9.1 requires Mac OS 8.1 and a PowerPC-based Macintosh. Mac OS 9.1 or newer is recommended to take full advantage of its features.

Users of older versions of the system software (all the way back to System 7.1) may use Style 1.7 if they have a PowerPC-based machine, or Style 1.6.1 if they have a 68K-based machine.

A separate version of Style is available for users of Mac OS X.

Where Can I Find Style?

The latest version of Style for Mac OS 9 is 1.9.1, while the latest version for Mac OS X is 1.9.2.

Style 1.9.1 for Mac OS 8/9 is distributed as a StuffIt 5 archive. To decompress this archive, you need version 5.0 or newer (5.5 recommended) of StuffIt Expander, a freeware compression utility published by Aladdin Systems.

The Mac OS X distribution contains the Style application only. Additional stuff (documentation, sample scripts) can be found in the distribution for Mac OS 8/9.

What's New in Style 1.9?

Style 1.9.1 is a minor update to version 1.9 which adds:

What's New in the Latest Beta?

The latest beta of Style for Mac OS X (1.9.2b3) features:

There are no public betas available for Mac OS 8/9 at the moment.

Style Users Mailing List

A mailing list for Style Users is hosted by Yahoo! Groups. This unmoderated, open-membership community is the right place to ask questions, share tips and scripts, and make suggestions for future versions of Style.

To subscribe, send a message to, or click here and follow the instructions.

By the way, the old “Style Discussion” mailing list hosted by has been discontinued.