This page lists some of the commercial projects I've been involved in over the past few years. Freeware and/or shareware projects like WASTE and Style are discussed elsewhere.

Digital Emotion (2002-2004)

This project, commissioned by Photo Emotion and currently being developed, is a cross-platform (Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and Windows) application meant to streamline the workflow of a digital photography service, managing the lifecycle of a picture from camera to high-end color printer.

Graphing Calculator (2000-2004)

Graphing Calculator is a fantastic tool for learning mathematics, well known by Macintosh users since a “lite” version of it has been bundled with every PowerPC-based Macintosh, at least until the advent of Mac OS X.

Graphing Calculator was written mostly by Ron Avitzur, and I had the privilege to help him with several features that were added in the latest few releases, both commercial and freeware, including filing, printing, HTML and RTF export, SIVC, and various user interface improvements.

I also helped port Graphing Calculator to Mac OS X. The first OS X-native version (3.5) was officially announced on November 17, 2004.

Script Debugger (2001-2004)

I've been helping Late Night Software with the next iteration of their flagship product, Script Debugger.

Affrus (2003-2004)

This Perl editor and debugger is another excellent product by Canadian Late Night Software I contributed to.

This is a cool telephony application developed by Ovolab, the Italian-based company founded by Alberto Ricci. Phlink uses an enhanced version of Cream, my mini-framework for scriptable applications. I also implemented “Appelezvous”, Phlink's Rendezvous-based network caller ID feature which debuted in version 1.5.

Sidereus (1999-2002)

Sidereus is a QuickTime-based multimedia projector, custom-built for the “Ulrico Hoepli” Planetarium in Milan, Italy.

Sidereus started off in 1999 as one half of a hybrid Mac OS / Linux project known as “Uraniborg”. The other half, mostly developed in HTML/PHP using PostgreSQL by David Santinoli, is called “Machina Coelestis”. The two halves talk to each other using an HTTP-based custom communication protocol. Recently, efforts have been made to port both pieces to Mac OS X.

Sidereus can display still pictures in several formats (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and many others), play movies and sounds and render RTF documents.

WAVE Storage Mac Client (2002-2003)

This project, commissioned by keeneek, is a Macintosh front end to a Linux-based file archival and retrieval system.

Beaver (2003)

Beaver is a custom, lightweight, multithreaded HTTP 1.0 server for the Windows platform originally developed by Allaxia and used by the Italian publisher DeAgostini for some of their CD- and DVD-based offerings. I recently inherited this project from a colleague, and added support for ISAPI extensions.

BravoLibro (2004)

BravoLibro is a simple application to compose and print photo books. I completely re-wrote the original Java version from scratch, using my in-house cross-platform C++ framework, and delivered executables for Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and Windows (98 to XP).